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So, You Have Passed!

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So, You Have Passed!

So you have passed!

Congratulations on getting through your test with Bikesafe! Please use the comments form below to leave your feedback and comments for future students to read.


  1. Matt says:

    Passed Mod 2 yesterday after doing my CBT and the direct access scheme with Bikesafe and really can’t recommend them enough. Really friendly, the instructors are all really knowledgeable and clearly love their work, and I enjoyed every lesson (even in the cold). They got me through both tests first time so they must be doing something right! Thanks everyone

  2. Adrian Gowling says:

    To Gary,Chrissy and Pete thanks for helping me to pass my cbt mod 1 and mod 2 all first time and getting my confidence back to get back on two wheels thanks Adrian Gowling

  3. Chris Ford says:

    A big thank you to everyone at BikeSafe who helped me to learn the art of driving on 2 wheels. It was harder than I expected but the level of support and standard of teaching were very high. I feel like the lessons have already saved me from disaster once or twice now that I’m driving around Hanoi and the Vietnamese countryside. All the best, Chris Ford.

  4. Mike says:

    A big thanks to everyone at Bikesafe for helping me get my full bike license. The whole course was great fun, and my riding and confidence definitely improved with every session. Thanks to Anne for sorting everything out so quickly, to Chrissy and Bill for CBT and 125 day and to Gaz for getting me through Mod 1 and Mod 2 with first time passes on both.

    I’d recommend Bikesafe to anyone looking to get the full licence – you definitely get what you pay for.

    Bikes were decent and well maintained (good old CGs for the CBT, and Gladius 650 for the Mod 1 and 2) , we had plenty of time out on the road – country lanes, big roundabouts, parkway, housing estates, town centre – basically anything which could come up on Mod 2. The practice sessions for Mod 1 were on the pad at the test centre, so it was totally familiar on test day.

    In just a few days, Bikesafe helped turn me from a novice riding around on L plates to a confident and safe motorcyclist. I’m now looking forward to going bike shopping and getting back out on the road!

    Cheers guys,


  5. Joe Worden says:

    Thanks to all at Bikesafe for getting me through my bike test, passed my Mod 2 with Pete on a very wet and windy day in Rotherham just before Christmas. Thanks Big Steve for getting me through the Mod 1 and Gaz and Chrissy for getting me through the wobbly early sessions. Great training all the way through and thoroughly enjoyable (even in December), I would recommend Bikesafe to anyone who wants to learn to ride well, not just try and scrape through the test.
    Finally a big thanks to Anne for getting me organised and giving me the confidence to successfully complete my training!

  6. Brian says:

    Brian Says
    It’s the next day and I’m still buzzing with the excitement of having completed the Direct Access course.
    The teaching environment at BikeSafe is excellent, with great instructors and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.
    Many thanks to everyone who gave me instruction, especially Steve and Pete, and of course a great big “thank you” to Anne for organising everything!
    If you’re thinking of trying motorcycling or like me coming back to it after too long a break, get down to BikeSafe, they’ll give you all the confidence you need and more!
    posted by Brian Horrocks
    Jayne Says
    Just wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU! To all you guys at Bikesafe πŸ™‚
    Bit of a long drawn out job but due to your faith in me, your patience, your guidance and your continued support and the many giggles along the way I got there in the end, I cant thank you enough. I became my own hero because of all you guys…Big Thank You especially to Little Dave…lol the penny dropped!..and to Steve for putting up with me on Mod 2!! Your all absolutely amazing, an I’m going to miss you all πŸ™
    Thank you xx
    posted by Jayne Hinchliffe
    Richard Says
    Just wanted to say thank you for everything. Cheers to Dave and Gary for their patience when I knew nothing and especially to Ian for the push in the right direction when I needed it most and Steve for, well just everything. Encouragement when I needed it, tellings off when I needed them (what’s a sliproad for?) and most of all believing in me when I didn’t.

    Thanks guys, highly recommend you.
    posted by Richard Gilliver

  7. Nathaniel Smith says:

    I’d highly recommend anyone looking to pass their bike tests to get tuition from BikeSafe Sheffield!
    I completed a direct access course with them and it was absolutely fantastic.

    I had four different instructors at different points and they were all brilliant at explaining and suggesting improvements, filling me with confidence which in turn helped my bike control.

    I’ve nothing but praise. Definitely would recommend them to anyone who was thinking about converting from four wheels to two. Thanks!
    posted by Kyle Roberts

    5* Recommended, these guys really know how to support you and share their knowledge of what is required to pass each stage first time.
    Using the information I learnt there I passed my Theory, Mod 1 and Mod 2 on the first attempt with no issues.
    Thanks guys,
    posted by Nathaniel Smith

  8. Luke shaw says:

    THANKYOU TO ALL AT BIKESAFE πŸ™‚ to anyone reading this if you are looking at doing your bike test then i can guarantee that there is no better place to go in Rotherham or Sheffield than here !
    Due to my age i first attended bikesafe almost 4 years ago when i did my first test and today i have finally passed to gain the full unrestricted license. So over the years i have had every instructor atleast once and they are all amazing.
    They operate with the upmost professionalism and yet have time to have general conversations with you which always helps calm the nerves.
    Their bike are very good to learn on and are very nice and comfortable to ride which is actually what you need to get your confidence up.
    So ye, over 4 years i have had 6 test and passed all 6 first time due to these amazing people πŸ™‚
    Once again a big thankyou to you all and i’ll see you soon on my bike. πŸ™‚


  9. Vicky and Dan says:

    Thank you so much. This Mother and Son duo had a great experience. Highly knowledgeable staff, and very friendly to top it off. Dan will be back in 2 years to gain his full access. Thank you again, we had a great time learning with lots of laughs on the way.

  10. Gary Stimson says:

    The instructors at Bikesafe are the best teachers I’ve ever had – for anything.

  11. Phill Dickinson says:

    Well its been a few days now and I think its finaly sunk in ive PASSED!!!!! haha blimey crikey ive only gone and blummin well PASSED!! lol a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone down there at bikesafe,really what a fantastic bunch of people..
    Lets begin wi the two main offenders,big Phil and little anne,what can I say I love ya both just for being you,anne thanks ever so much for all the administrational two’s n froe’s n sorting’s out’s you have done for me and the reminders of bring this n bring that and the phone calls to get ur arse outta bed phill the boys r waiting lol…Big Phill,mate thanks for the lessons il not forget the U-turn comp for who’s making tea back at the office later,quality pal!
    Little Dave,..what can be said, your one of a kind brother do not ever change for no one!…your priceless pal….oh and eerm up hill starts,..pfftt no bother!! haa!!
    Big Steve,your a diamond fella. I think you took me through most my training if im correct,..well a first time pass on everything and the quality of my riding obviously reflects the quality of your training does it not comrade?? lol…..the understated..’so tell me how you feel the ride went’ kinda vibe,worked well with me.just one thing..pre mod2 Rotherham roundabouts!!!!!!! lol DOOH!!! that wee plastic etcha sketch thingy was coming out at some rate of knots was it not lol thanks ever so much steve.
    Pete,,a gentleman if ever I met one,il never forget our lessons pal,especialy a ride out one day when you took us to Thrybergh park,the ride that day felt like a bunch of pals on a gentle ride out,felt a real sense of brotherhood.big big thank ya for that.
    Gary,Sure its gary…..wont I feel a divvy if its not lol…Gary for standing in for little dave the other week when dave was ill,..thanks gary I enjoyed that weekend lesson a lot…be cool man n thank you.
    Ok I waffled more than enough,…hope to see you all again very soon as since finishing there I feel like ive kinda lost my left arm a bit and since ive still not got my bike I might have to book a lesson just to get some bike time in hehe… you all see you soon,Phill Dickinson.
    PS…..obviously I don’t need to big bikesafe up if you’ve read my feedback……just BOOK THE COURSE YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!!!!!…..if your not learning how to ride or something about bikes your rolling about laughing with or at dave!! gotta be worth it aint it?!?!?!!
    posted by phill dickinson

  12. Stuart Richards says:

    Anyone wishing to learn to ride and deciding which school to train with I have no hesitation in recommending Bikesafe. Professional and well organised school with excellent instructors catering to learners individual training requirements.
    Chrissie did my initial assessment and CBT training day. A well structured and fun day, learning loads and enjoyable at the same time.
    I received a few training days from Dave. Sorry Dave that I wasn’t able to thank you in person. Your training sessions were invaluable. I liked the way that you reviewed every rider, offering out questions to all, discussing points and giving answers. Well planned days, always including Mod 1 Training at Rotherham test centre. Sorry that I always brought the rain!
    Steve had the misfortune of coaxing a very nervous student through his Mod 1 Training and Assessment day. Once again Steve, thank you for your care and endless patience even when the cones were flying or been ignored!
    Pete’s Mod 2 training gave me confidence, fine tuned my riding and also made me smile with his one leg balancing to demonstrate bike control. Thanks Pete.
    I only received a few hours training from Gaz, but he offered one priceless piece of advice that will keep me safe out on the open roads.

    Finally Anne, what can I say? Anne organises and runs a very tight school and makes sure everybody knows where they should be, what they are doing and what to bring.

    I wish you all the very best for the future. Thank you.

  13. Glen Dunwell says:

    I want to give BikeSafe a big shout out for getting me safely through all the elements of the motorcycle test process. They have a great setup at Hillsborough, large area for the CBT and a great team of experienced riders. I have been out on the road with nearly all of them and gained experience, tips and knowledge from each of them. I got through the whole process in a relatively short period considering I don’t or didn’t have my own machine at the time, which was difficult considering I only used their bikes. Anyone thinking of undertaking this course i’d strongly recommend using these experienced people if you live around South Yorkshire. Thank you again.

  14. P J Naylor says:

    A big thanks to all at Bikesafe.
    Passed my mod 2 earlier today and can’t praise Bikesafe enough from start to finish.
    A massive thanks to Steve for his expert tuition, patience and generally for being a nice fella.
    For all of you pondering on the decision to take the plunge, go for it.
    Bikesafe was a great experience and all staff were very supportive and couldn’t do enough for you throughout the course.
    Thanks to a great bunch. (Couldn’t have done it without you)

  15. Chris Dagger says:

    Thanks to all of the team at Bikesafe for getting me through my big bike test in such a short space of time having never ridden a geared bike, Thanks to Anne for organising everything and to Phil, Gaz, Chrissie, Steve and Pete for getting me through different parts of my CBT, Mod1 and Mod2 training on the 125’s and 650’s. I would definitely recommend Bikesafe for anyone who would like to ride a motorcycle. Thanks again everyone, πŸ‘πŸ»πŸπŸ˜ƒ

  16. Ryan Croft says:

    I’d like to thank all the bike safe staff on helping me pass my full licence from CBT all the way though
    they all a great bunch of people and I would highly recommend them to any one going for there CBT or more many thanks again.

  17. Scott collins says:

    many thanks to all the trainers who helped me get through my tests I would recommend them i passed on the first attempt thanks to Chrissy Steve and Gaz for all your support and encouragement overall very professional once again a BIG THANK YOU πŸ˜† I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to my family and friends once again a BIG THANK YOU

  18. Nathan Driver says:

    Can’t thank the kind folks of BikeSafe enough. Passed my Mod2 today with Pete and couldn’t be happier. Anne sorted everything for me, CBT, theory and both Modules. Everything was easy with these pros helping me along and got through it super quick as they have booking for tests ready to go ! And all at a very reasonable price. If you’re thinking of doing any part of your bike test, give BikeSafe a call. You won’t regret it.

  19. Barry otter says:

    Big thanks to all the team passed first time on CBT, theory, mod1 and mod2 thanks to brilliant training , advise and criticism a job well done couldent be happier thanks again team bike safe πŸ™‚

  20. Robert Nettleton says:

    A big thanks to everyone at Bikesafe for getting me through my CBT, Mod 1, & Mod 2. I had a great time there they were all very professional and friendly brilliant people, thanks to them I sailed straight through and passed first time. I’m delighted and would highly recommend to anyone.
    Thanks Guy’s.

  21. Adam Walters says:

    A massive thank you to everyone at bikesafe! Coming off a bike a few years ago it was a big thing for me coming back to them but you all filled me with the belief I could do it. It was an experience that I will never forget and I am very grateful for you all getting me to the end of it all with only 1 minor!!

  22. Catherine Bale says:

    Well it’s the day after I passed my MOD 2 and I still can’t stop smiling. I can’t believe I have done it! I’d like to say a massive thank you to Chrissy for getting me through my CBT, Gaz for getting me through MOD 1 and Steve for MOD 2 yesterday.

    I feel like you all had plenty of patience with me, gave me some very valuable information and we had plenty of time out on the road building up my road experience on the 650’s. Honestly can’t recommend you guys enough. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  23. Rob Hearn says:

    THANKS SO MUCH GUYS. Bikesafe have taken me all the way on my journey from noob to full fledged full bike license holder. They have been absolutely amazing. From initial contact through CBT, coaching me TWO! failures and teaching me good safe riding. I will be eternally grateful. I’m just about to buy my first bike and start a long life of biking! Thanks again. Highly recommended ***** x x

  24. Dom South says:

    Cannot reccomend bikesafe enough! All the instructors are great, very friendly and have a wealth of knowledge to help with any and all aspects of riding. The bikes you use are top quality and nicely looked after so you get a confident ride straight off the bat. You cannot go wrong with bikesafe!!!10/10

  25. Liam newell says:

    I would like to thank all bikesafe staff for getting me through mod 1 and mod 2 first time. I would recommend bikesafe to anyone real friendly helpful professional staff. Many thanks Liam.

  26. Simon Broadhead says:

    Just wanted say a MASSIVE Thank You to all the Team at Bikesafe Sheffield!

    Wayne for getting me through my CBT, Steve for the 125 Training Day and Pete “Pierre” for getting me through my Mod 1 and Mod 2 Tests First time and I am now a Full Licence holder and looking forward to many Years of Biking!

    Enjoyed every Second of it and would not hesitate recommending Bikesafe to anyone they really are a fantastic bunch.

    Thank you all so much!

    Regards Simon

  27. Lewis Payne says:

    I went to Bikesafe from CBT right through to my full category A-License. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Absolutely phenomenal team of instructors who give their absolute best every time you are with them. I have been for lessons skiing, climbing, guitar, surfing, personal training etc etc etc and every time I am left feeling that the instructor didn’t quite understand my faults, or was unable to get their view across well. This is not the case with Bikesafe, all the instructors are phenomenal. If you are looking for somewhere to start your motorbike journey I would recommend these above all else. Safe, knowledgeable, experienced instructors with a real desire to see you not only pass your test but perform safely on the road at the end of it all. Thank you to all the team for helping me achieve a test pass first time! Best of luck to you all in your future endeavours, Lewis

  28. Steve Farr says:

    Big thanks to all the guys who helped me get through direct access first time. From the first phone call, to the final goodbye’s, it’s been an absolute pleasure. Plenty of riding time with all different aspects, built up areas, parkway, national speed limits, country lanes. Different sized bike for different size riders and all well maintained. Definitely recommend to anybody who wishes to ride.

  29. Nadeem Irshad says:

    What a helpful and knowledgeable bunch of people you guys are… Couldn’t tell from looking but you guys are amazing and great fun to be around! Lol
    Erm well what can I say, passed CBT, Mod1 and Mod 2 FIRST TIME! Just shows how good I am.. Lol but also how much knowledge and experience you guys have imprinted in to my skull and how well that has quickly processed for me to be able to pass first time.
    I’d highly recommend BikeSafe as the first point of call when it comes to developing or learning to ride a motor bike for the fist time. All the staff are friendly, helpful and understanding.
    The information is broken down to the basics to help you grasp a good understanding of how to execute each part of the process quickly, safely and efficiently.

    Thank You Bike Safe

  30. EugΓ©nie Putallaz says:

    Awesome ! I definitely would recommend bike safe as the place to learn to ride. Thanks to all of them for getting me through direct access first time πŸ™‚ From not knowing how to change a gear to passing my test, they have all been so patient and so helpful! It has been such a pleasure to learn with this bunch of great, funny, knowlageable and likable people. Was a bit sad to pass my test and stop the training (well… πŸ™‚ ) will miss the team ! see u soon !

  31. Wayne Saunby says:

    Thanks to whole team at Bikesafe, from start to finish cbt, mod 1 and mod 2 what a pleasure.Thanks to Anne for taking the time to talk me through the whole process , thanks to Steve for the mod 1 training ,fantastic tuition and Chrissy for the mod 2 training your a Legend and of course the rest of the guys that made me feel so welcome on each visit …. What a fantastic bunch ,always there for a giggle n a brew …. will deffo recommend you guys Can’t thank you all enough .. regards Wayne Saunby

  32. Nicola says:

    Huge thanks to all at Bikesafe for a fantastic training experience throughout.
    The instruction at all stages – CBT, Mod 1 and Mod 2 – was excellent … you know you’re in safe hands with really knowledgeable and skilled instructors, and Anne doing a great job of matching learning and teaching styles.
    No matter what your age, level of experience, aptitude or confidence might be, Bikesafe will ensure that you get the results you want. A special mention to Pete and Chrissy particularly for helping me to get mine!! πŸ™‚

  33. Mathew Curr says:

    Before taking my lessons I had barely sat on a motorbike. I decided to give the CBT a trial, nine weeks and lots of great instruction, advice and encouragement later I passed my Mod 2. The instructors were all fantastic. Every one of them was always happy to impart knowledge. After my time with them I felt I had not only gained confidence to become a safe rider, I had also made a bunch of new friends.

    I would heartily recommend Bikesafe Sheffield to anyone wishing to learn.

  34. Mike Hancock says:

    Had an amazing experience from CBT to passing the full access, everyone down at bikes are are friendly an very supportive an I couldn’t recommend them enough. Thanks again guys.

  35. Chris Byne says:

    Thank you to the Bikesafe team!
    I left doing my bike test to the last minute and my theory was two months from running out. I was quickly accomedated by Anne, through my busy work schedule and allocated dates to progress quickly on my direct access.
    A huge thanks to Chrissy and Steve for getting me through my CBT, MOD 1 and MOD 2 with no minors πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»! This result would not have been achieved, if it wasn’t for the high standard of the training they both provided.
    It was not only the guys that trained me, but Wayne and Pete were always checking on our progress and supporting me all the way!
    The day was made even better with my brother passing as well!
    I will call in for a cuppa when I pass. Thank you again.

  36. Jon says:

    Just a quick one to say thank you to all at Bikesafe for their great tuition and advice offered on my way to passing my full test. Excellent staff with special thanks going to Steve, Chrissy and Pete for all your help.

  37. James Duroe says:

    Massive thanks to all at Bikesafe!!!
    All the staff are really friendly and I felt relaxed from the first cbt training day, to the ride back to the centre after I passed my mod 2 test.( with a clean sheet I might add )πŸ˜‚.
    Anybody who is thinking of doing their test should look no further…. Bike safe is the place to do it!!
    Thanks again

  38. chris says:

    many thanks to everyone at Bikesafe on getting me through mod 1 and mod 2 first time, all staff are very well organised and friendly, instructors are top notch, friendly, polite, and most importantly very well experienced in all aspects of training, keep up the good work

  39. Katharine Boyd says:

    I would like to say the most enormous thank you to all the wonderful Bikesafe team. I’ve always wanted to learn to ride a motorbike but never quite had the courage or the means to do so. When I got to 60 it was a case of get on with it or forget it. From my first timid phone call when I spoke to Anne she gave me the confidence to try and the rest of the team, Gary, Pete, Chrissy, Steve & Phil have been so kind, patient and encouraging, especially when I was finding things difficult. You believed I could do it even when I didn’t. Doing the full training was definitely the right thing. It’s taken me a while but thanks to your excellent teaching (and a bit of determination on my part) I finally got there and passed my mod 2. Hooray! Again thank you so much, you really are the best.
    Katharine 😊🏍😊xxx

  40. Paul says:

    Big thanks to everyone for all help and patience getting me to pass mod 1 today ,especially to my instructor today keeping me calm πŸ˜€ Would recommend bike safe to anyone wishing to learn to ride .
    Thanks .

  41. Joe says:

    Cannot recommend these guys enough!!!! Brilliant instructors and very patient. If anyone is thinking about learning to ride these are the best people to get you going.

  42. Craig Hamer says:

    I forgot to leave this feedback when id passed – but i thought id leave it now whilst i remember!

    Thank you to all the team who helped me pass all tests first time. I was quite surprised myself actually! (As that definitely wasnt the case for my driving test).

    In the brief time i was there – i believe i was taught by all the instructors at the time! All fantastic at picking out their own nitty gritty details!

    CBT mid july, passed final test 3rd week of august.

    I’ve now got myself a fazer 600 at home… and im currently in Lanzarote on a last minute hol where im riding around on an MT03 all thanks to you guys.

  43. Keith says:

    As a mature over 60 rider new to motorcycling I expected it to take a little longer to learn to ride. All I can say is that the team at Bikesafe is exceptional and it would be unfair to signal any of them out for special mention. Thanks Pete for your unique approach and limitless patience, Chrissy for her straightforward approach and encouragement and Steve for his words of wisdom on safe biking and life in general.
    If you are looking for a training school – look no further, These guys will get you through the stages however cack-handed and uncoordinated you are.
    All I can say is thanks to Phil, Anne and the team. Great job !

  44. Callum says:

    Great training, great people and free cups of tea… What else could you ask for?

    Just want to thank all the instructors for their help and being genuinely good people. I was lucky enough to have trained under pretty much all of the instructors at Bikesafe on my way to getting my full licence and they were ALL patient, but can have a laugh with you too.

    Cheers Wayne for helping me get through the CBT, Pete for the 125 training days (Stay whacky man, you’re awesome), Steve for the Mod 1 & Chrissy for the Mod 2.

    Good luck to all of you in 2018.


  45. Steve says:

    Great experience. Got me through CBT, Mod 1 & Mod 2. Welcoming and friendly team focused on keeping you safe and becoming a confident rider. I was recommended Bikesafe by a friend and I’d certainly recommend too. Special thanks to Chrissy for the encouragement and expert tuition that now means I’m on the road!

  46. Matt P says:

    A very big thank you to all at Bikesafe for skilfully navigating me through to test success and a full licence. Whilst the whole team deserves recognition special thanks and gratitude must be reserved for Pete and Steve. Both ‘old hands’ but with years of experience and ‘know how’. They were quickly able to identify the subtle riding approaches which proved necessary for me to pass both Mod 1 & Mod 2 and their bike craft is simply second-to-none! I was a pleasure being taught by you both.

  47. Chris ellis says:

    Passed mod 1 and 2 first time so what more can I say. Amazing training school with amazing instructors. Peter helped me all the way and I can’t thank him enough for it. Top job bikesafe.

  48. Jabran Farooq says:

    These guys are the best learned so much and definitely will be back to finish my Mod 1 & 2.
    Thank you so much.

  49. Lauren says:

    I had a fun day yesterday whilst doing my CBT all the instructors were knowledgeable and friendly. I’d like to say thank you to Jason especially πŸ™‚

  50. Sean Whyte says:

    Thanks to all at BikeSafe for getting me through my Mod 1 and Mod 2 quickly and efficiently. I went to this school on a recommendation and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who wants to go for it. Thanks again. Sean

  51. Darren Bagnall says:

    Well, after having a poor experience elsewhere (and still out of pocket with unreturned emails) I decided to go with the guys at Bikesafe. This was based on a recommendation thru a mate who’d gone thru a similar experience. Steve gave me a free assessment to gain an understanding of my (lack of) skill-set and then a programme of learning put forward. After only one full day with Phil, I gained so much more confidence. I then spent more time with big Steve who put me thru my paces and got me thru the Mod1 easily with no faults. (and with a little help from Jason) . You definitely get your moneys worth spending full days on the bike, both on the road and at the test centre, learning the bikes characteristics. Then I was handed over to Pete whom after a putting me thru my paces was rewarded with me passing my Mod2, again with no faults. To say I’m happy with Bikesafe is an understatement. I am now a confident rider after having the intensive training which was also fun. These guys know their stuff, so if in doubt read not just mine but all the other comments on here. All genuine happy customers. Thank you to Steve, Phil, Jason, Peter, Anne & Chrissy

  52. Nick Self says:

    Just want to say a big huge massive THANK YOU to Anne, Chrissy & Jason & all the Bikesafe staff! You guys touched me with the care & passionate teaching you gave me & for giving me the confidence to pass both my MOD 1 & MOD 2!! I could not of done this without you!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    I recommend anyone who wants to get your motorbike licence to come to Bikesafe in Sheffield. Do not go anywhere else! These guys are the best in teaching you to pass your MOD 1 & MOD 2.

  53. Stuart goddard says:

    Passed my test today with a great team.thankyou for all your help and support a definite 10 out of ten for bikesafe you were all fabulous will recommend bikesafe to anyone.thankyou once again Stuart Goddard.

  54. Paul Dryden says:

    Big thank-you to everyone at Bikesafe for getting me through my Cbt right through to getting my full licence yesterday.
    I passed my mod1 on the second attempt (first was just me being a bag of nerves) then my mod2 first time.
    I had Steve for the majority of my training but also a day with Crissy and a day with Pete.
    all fantastic instructors and I would recommend to anyone.
    Ride safe everyone πŸ‘

  55. Hannah says:

    Huge thanks to everyone at Bikesafe for getting me through my CBT and then MOD 1 and MOD 2 tests which I passed last week. I really enjoyed my lessons and had great advice and help from my instructors. Special thanks to Chrissy and Pete who took the majority of my lessons and for the support and encouragement of everyone else – Steve, Anne, Phil and Jason. Just waiting for payday now so I can go and get a bike…

  56. James Thompson says:

    Big thank you all the staff at bike safe !,
    I really enjoyed my time learning with all of you. Great instruction from start to finish on all aspects from CBT though to Mod 2. These guys are without a doubt the best company to use.
    Kind regards, James.

  57. Tom Steedman says:

    Thank you Bikesafe! Got me thorough my tests no problem. Great instructors! Highly Recommend!
    Big thank you to Pete who was my instructor on both the mod 1 and mod 2 days.

  58. Dylan Hutchinson says:

    Great day at bikesafe, lost a pound in sweat as I was terrified, Crissy soon eliminated that feeling for me. Really nice person, knows how to make people feel at ease, great instructor. Would recommend this place to anyone wanting to get into riding. Sarah and Steve really make you feel welcome too absolutely no pressure whatsoever. #GREATTEAM Thanks again. Take care. Ride safe.

  59. Jake says:

    Just want to say a big thank you to everyone down at bikesafe for getting through my mod 1 and mod 2. Chrissy, Steve, Pete and Jason are all amazing instructors, and I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to learn how to ride. I want to give a special thank you to Chrissy who was my instructor for the majority of my direct access, and got me through my tests.

  60. Ben Wathall says:

    Thank you to Bikesafe for getting me through my Mod 1 and 2 with 0 minors, it was an enjoyable experience and i learnt a lot, it’s great to learn in a relaxed friendly atmosphere and you all really know your stuff.
    Special thanks to Chrissy who was my instructor.

  61. Dom Proctor says:

    With massive thank to the whole team at Bikesafe, I managed to get Mod 1 and 2 passed first time with only 1 minor! It’s all thanks to the patient and experienced instructors.

    I had 3 of the instructors throughout my DAS training, all bringing their own knowledge and all important banter into the mix. I couldn’t recommend Bikesafe enough.


  62. Tony Dawson says:

    What a great experience it has been doing the DAS course with Bikesafe. Passed first time but only because of the great instruction given by the instructors as there knowledge was invaluable.
    I would highly recommend Bikesafe to anyone who is considering doing a CBT or a Direct access course.
    A big thanks to all the instructors for all the help and patience.



  63. michael kay says:

    great experience at Bikesafe, passed cbt first tine thanks to the lovely staff there!

  64. Darron Armitage says:

    Massive thanks to all at Bikesafe, started with no experience of riding to completing my direct access, all the staff and Instructors where great, very helpful, knowledgable and made the training enjoyable, would definitely recommend Bikesafe


  65. Alison says:

    I would recommend the guys at bikesafe to anyone. I went from being a complete novice to getting a full license with them. I cant thank Chrissy, Steve, Pete and Anne enough for their patience and giving me the confidence to do it. Thanks again guys xx

  66. Paul Y says:

    Cannot recommend Bikesafe enough, Chrissy,Steve and Pete make this a really enjoyable experience, their patience and tuition is second to non.
    It is fun ,simple. Great tuition days with super rides out that became more than just training.
    Each instructor didn’t miss a trick, guiding you to becoming a safe confident rider on the road.
    Thank you all at Bikesafe for getting me my full bike licence. The process was made so simple with everything booked and ready to go.
    Again thankyou. Paul

  67. Carl Ryan says:

    massive thanks to you all at bike safe,
    chrissy ,anne steve , pete

    for giving me the know how ,training, and experiences to past all the components of my motorcycle test

    well organised no messing straight on with it done
    would definitely recommend you

    regards carl ryan

  68. Edgar Lowman says:

    Excellent training from a knowledgeable and approachable team of riders. Safely passed my A2 and learned a lot in the process. Many thanks to Pete, Steve, and Chrissy for their dedication

  69. Josh Allen says:

    Would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone at Bikesafe! The tailored package’s offered on your ability on the assessment ride led to a first time pass in all tests for me! A really friendly, professional approach to every question and situation from everyone! The only hard decision you should have is which bike to get! πŸ‘

  70. Mick Roberts says:

    From CBT through to MOD 2 these guys and girls down at bikesafe made the whole experience a pleasure. I just want to say a big thankyou to all and wish you all the best for the future 5 stars.

  71. Josh H-M says:

    Wow! Such good instruction and advise from every single member of staff. Did my CBT with bikesafe and knew I would continue to do my full license with them too! Not at one point did I feel uneasy or as though I was going to just end up a statistic for a pass or fail. They took the time to understand what I needed through an assessment and from there was plain sailing. Not saying you don’t get at all nervous on test days but you’ll sure as hell feel ready.

    Passed both tests first time. Can not recommend bike safe enough. Will pop by with the new bike soon!

    Thanks again!!

  72. Ian Wilkinson says:

    I’d stopped riding in 1990 due to becoming a car driver and various other life changes. Back then CBT wasn’t a thing so my limited outdated skills needed sharpening up. I started in February with my CBT and advanced through my MOD1 test and then my MOD2 which I passed at the end of May. Bike Safe were exceptional at all points in this journey and every trainer was great providing positive feedback to my numerous errors and advising how to become a better rider.

  73. Danielle Thompson says:

    Simply amazing!!!!
    Completed my CBT yesterday and if it weren’t for Paul and his incredible patience, his unique way of teaching and his belief in me I very much doubt I would have got on the road – so a huge thank you Paul!!
    Also to Phil who made my time out on the road so much fun, filling me with that confidence, enabling me to relax and totally enjoy the experience – thank you!!
    Everyone here are just so friendly, unbelievably helpful and have a fantastic passion for what they do so thank you to everyone I met on the day!!

  74. Clare Wasden says:

    Massive thanks to Anne ,Phil, Pete & Steve for all their help, patience and support!
    After a wobbly start on my CBT and a good chat with Anne who gave me the confidence to try again I went on to pass mod 1 & 2 first time.
    I can’t recommend these guys enough! Fantastic knowledgable and friendly instructors made every training day thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks again to everyone at Bikesafe I will be popping in to say hello as soon I get a bike πŸ™‚

  75. Lee Hall says:

    A big thanks to all the instructors (Steve, Phil and Pete) for the great tuition and guidance during my bike training and to Anne for the super efficient way in which she managed to arrange all the training days and explain the process from beginning to end.

    Having only ridden a moped on Holiday the thought of taking my bike test was a little daunting, but thanks to the thoroughly fun, entertaining and often humorous way in which the trainers delivered the instruction the whole experience was informative and enjoyable.

    Over the period of six weeks I was able to undergo CBT, Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests passing all first time, this was only possible due to the great instruction and training recieved in such a friendly environment.

    So again I’d like to say a big thanks to all,

  76. Will D-S says:

    I want to say a massive thank you to all the Steve, Pete, Phil and Anne for helping me pass my CBT, theory, MOD1 and MOD2 tests first time! They couldn’t be nicer people who genuinely want to help you and improve your riding. They’re real professionals who know how to make you a safe rider and help you progress. Couldn’t be happier with the service – top people!

    I’ll be sure to drop in with my bike now I’ve passed!

  77. Helen F. says:

    Can’t wipe the silly grin of my face – finally passed both Mod 1 and Mod 2 first time and it feels fantastic. I really can’t thank everyone at Bike Safe enough for the support and encouragement needed to get me through. The wealth of knowledge and expertise is second to none and all the little tips and words of advice are invaluable. Love the laid back approach of Steve and the “How do feel that ride went” little chats by the side of the road ….. as well as the high tech “Etch – a – Sketch” drawings!! and believe me he’ll protect you like a Mother Bear out on the roads πŸ™‚ if you’ve ever thought about getting your bike license go for it and ring Ann – you won’t be disappointed.

    Massive thanks again to you all

  78. Ramesh says:

    Passed Mod 1 and Mod 2 and got my Full bike license this week. Everyone at Bike safe are very professional and well experienced. Happy that i chose Bike safe over others. Special thanks to Anne,Peter, Phil and Steve for your excellent coaching and making me comfortable. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

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